The Snowdonia MTB Challenge – this weekend’s big mountain adventure

The Snowdonia Mountain Bike Challenge is a very rare, very special chance to ride your mountain bike round Snowdon.

We spotted the Snowdonia Mountain Bike Challenge over on (cheers guys) and thought it was super interesting.

Snowdon is – of course – the highest mountain in Wales and has a raft on rules and regs that stop you riding it willy nilly. The chance to ride in an organised event on Snowdon and around Snowdonia is a really rare treat. Whilst the area is full of incredible mountain biking terrain, actual chances to legally ride round there are pretty slim … an event like this is pretty special.

The Snowdonia Mountain Bike Challenge is an organised event that starts in Llanberis (right at the foot of Snowdon) and takes in a big, tough loop. It’s the only mountain bike event in the area and the only one ever to allow you to ride legally on Snowdon’s paths.

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The event is a ‘challenge’ rather than a race and comes with four route options. Short, medium, long and Dragon. The Dragon is a beast of a ride, clocking up to a mighty 75k and taking in some gruelling climbs.

How tough is the event? The organisers say “Anyone with good fitness and a mountain bike can complete this. If you’re crazy enough you can do it on a CX bike. It’s not on trail centers or bike specific tracks, but on bridleways, mountain paths, forestry double tracks, forestry single tracks and the road section.”

It’s likely that by the time you read this the event will have already taken place … so keep an eye out for it in 2018. You can read more about it over on or on British Cycling. There’s also a facebook page here.