Throw back Thursday: Sprung 4

It’s Thursday – and time for another blast of classic mountain bike Nostalgia.

It’s the video that marked a gear-up for Rankin and Spasic’s series, launched in 2000.

The video that’s packed with fresh funk, beats and breaks and the video that taught us to love Smoove. The team hit the road for the US, cover the World Cup series, hit the road for the DMR bikes dirt jump road trip, introduced us to a very young Greg Minnaar (on an Orange) and showed us the wonder of MarkB and Blade.

Ladies and gents, Sprung 4. Legend.

Did anyone else learn to love electro music thanks to Smoove and this section?

Anyone learn to love Hip Hop thanks to this section?

Dirt jumps with Steve Geal, Minnaar and a funk sound track anyone?

And another BIG MarkB&Blade tune. So good.

Just in case you’re looking for the track list – here it is thanks to Extreme-Vidz.

Tracklist / Soundtrack
Section: Artist – Title

Aquasky – Pressure Shot & Intro
Joseph Henry – I Feel Right
Lee Fields – Let A Man Do What He Wanna Do
The Bus Station Loonies – Dick Dastardly
Smoove – He won’t get far
Smoove – Looza
Smoove – T.W.O.C (feat Ferank Manseed)
Lee Fields & Ehe Explorers – Put It On Me
King Mob – Drum Sessions
Minus 8 – Nonhuman
Smoove D’n’B
Dead 50’s – Steamin’
Mark B & Blade – The Unknown
Dead 50’s – My Daddy Was A Pistol
Naomi Davis & The Knights of Forty First Street – 41st Street Breakdown
Aquasky vs Masterblaster – Don’t Stop
H.B.B.H – Twister
Aquasky – Showtime
Mark B & Blade – Split Personalities
Mark B & Blade – Building A Rep
The Bus Station Loonies – Playing Silly Buggers
Numbskullz – Ad Infinitium
Dead 50’s – Come On and Ride
Lee Fields & The Explorers – Hey Sallie Mae (Get Off My Feet)

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