Endura just made the first ever overshoe for flat pedals

Ladies and gents, your winter just got a bit less miserable thanks to Endura.

Announced today is the brand new Endura MT500 Plus overshoe … The first (we think?) mountain bike overshoe for flat pedals.

You’ve seen those overshoes that roadies and XC riders wear, right? You slip them over the top of your normal shoes and they keep the muck, sheep shit and bog water off your feet and keep your toes warm through the crappest conditions. They look a bit strange but in really cold, really wet conditions they’re a life saver.

Sadly though, us flat pedal riders haven’t had a decent overshoe option. We’ve relied on waterproof shoes and socks to do the job and haven’t had a decent overshoe to keep us warm and dry. Till now that is!

The new MT500 Plus overshoe costs around £44.99 and is already available to buy online. Leisure Lakes have them for £42.99 here.

The new Endura MT500 Plus overshoe is the answer to our overshoe prayers. It’s designed specifically for flat pedal riders and offers a tough, waterproof guard against wet feet.

It slips over the top of your normal shoes and zips up, with velcro tabs to keep it secure. The sole is then designed to work alongside your flat pedal shoe, without reducing any grip.

As far as we know it’s the very first product of its kind.

Endura say that they spent loads of time choosing the material for the overshoe, looking at various existing products including their waterproof jackets. In the end, they went for neoprene “which offers the best combination of stretch, toughness and protection”.

Endura have built a custom sole for the new overshoe. As you can see, it leaves most of your shoe’s sole exposed whilst holding it in place with tough, grippy rubber. The toe section has been designed to hold the overshoe in place and provide extra grip on the pedals.

You can learn more about Endura here on their website.

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