Did Pole just make the World’s most beautiful bicycle?

Stop the flippin press! Finnish huge bike brand Pole just released photos of their new bicycle and it is, we think, absolutely bloody beautiful.

The Pole Machine will be a bit of a monster. 180mm travel up front, 160mm out back. It’ll have 29″ wheels and have clearance for up to a 3″ tyre. The frame is currently on pre-order with a frame set costing 3450EUR.

The new bike is to be made 100% in Finland and will be ‘robotically CNC machined’ meaning the frame is machined from solid aluminium blocks.

The frame is designed in-house at Pole and will be machined from 7075 T6 aluminium billets with titanium axles. The front and rear triangles, Pole say, are made of just three parts and are held together with glue as is the way in the aerospace industry.

Pole say that 7075 T6 is 1.7 times stronger than 6061 T6 aluminium and will create a lighter, stronger and ultimately faster bike.

The new bike allows Pole to be much more accurate with the wall thickness of their tubing which creates a process much closer to building bikes in carbon. This means they have way more control of the strength and the weight of their bikes whilst also (their words) is ” a more humane way of making bikes”.

Wondering about the beautiful, raw look? Yep, that’s staying. The frames won’t need to be painted and Pole say that the raw finish hides scuffs and scratches beautifully and will only look better with age. They won’t rust and look tatty, they’ll take on, we’re told “a classy patine”.

Like it as much as we do? You can read more on Pole’s Machine page here and you can pre-order a frameset or a complete bike over on Pole’s site right now.

Bikes are expected to be available in March 2018.

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