Joel Anderson’s Best Bits of 2017.

Joel Anderson joined the Wideopen crew in 2016 and we’ve had a killer two years.

With Joel moving on to a new team in 2018 we’re looking back at his best moments of the last year.

Huge thanks to the following brands for supporting Joel in 2017:

Banshee Bikes UK / 661 / Deity Components / Stans No Tubes / Loose Riders

 Sending it first class at Loosefest.

Joel was invited out to Niko Vink’s Belgian edition of Loosefest and very quickly started sending the monstrous jumps that looked pretty big on motocross bikes.

Malaga is Not2Bad.

Not all that long ago, Joel headed out for a trip with Tom Caldwell to sample the Spanish dust in Malaga to sample some of the stunts from Not2Bad. More classic Anderson action in this flat out flick.

Melons in Bali

Melon Optics invited Joel out to Bali to ride with the Deakinator, Nick Pescetto and Adolf Silva. As you’d expect, they had a really dull time. Basically, nothing happened.

Madeira lovin’

When he was a young ‘un, Joel’s #1 goal was to ride with Nico Vink.

This year he not only achieved that, but starred alongside him in an edit for the Madeira Film Festival. Not bad!

A big old slice of British Pie

And… of course, there was A Bigger Slice of British Pie down south with the Kernow crew. Cue *wind noise* aplenty.

Rowan Sorrell’s Back Yard.

Neither Joel nor Rowan Sorrell are shy of a jump or two, so imagine Joel’s delight when he joined Dusty Huckers for a lap of Rowan’s back yard.

Not forgetting an early season trip to Revs

Joel and friends battled buggered vans and bad weather to get along to Revolution Bike Park to shoot the 50:01 line. Safe to say they nailed it!

Riding ‘XC’…

OK, sure, this one’s from 2016 but we love the video so it’s going in.

It’s not only massive jumps Joel is pretty handy at. Catch him ripping his local at Triscombe on his Marin Nail Trail for a test last

The Pinner.

When BTR Fabrications wanted a rider to showcase their first full suspension bike, The Pinner, there really was only one man for the job. The pinner pins The Pinner.

A final THANKS to Banshee UK for supporting Joel in 2017:

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You can keep up with Joel’s 2018 adventures on his Instagram feed.

Thanks for the rad two years to Joel Anderson, catch you on the trails.

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