Team Wideopenmag’s new Nukeproof bikes just landed

New bike day is always a good day, right?

This week we’ve put the finishing touches to a couple of our 2018 Team Wideopenmag team bikes and got them into the hands of our new riders.

For 2018 our team will continue to ride and race on board Nukeproof bikes.

The downhillers will be on Nukeproof Pulse Comp bikes and the enduro guys will be on Nukeproof Mega 275 and 290 Pro bikes.

They’ll run Nukeproof Horizon wheels and pedals, Funn Components bars, stems, grips and chain guides and Continental Tyres. We’ll also run Mudhugger mudguards, Fibrax rotors and cables and Granite-Designs’ Rock Band and Clever tools.

Keeping everything running smooth and squeak free is no easy job, but we’ve got Juice Lubes on the job to work behind the scenes with cleaners, lubes, greases and more. We’ve also got Sprung Suspension workshop helping to keep our shocks and forks running beautifully.

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Daniel Mason-Rheinschmeidt’s brand new Nukeproof Mega. 27.5″ wheels, tough alloy frame and some hot graphics. We love it!
It’s all about the details. Granite Designs’ Rock Band will mean the riders have always got a spare tube to hand.
Funn Components are joining the party for 2018 – we’ve got their awesome KingPin bars and Strippa Evo stems on the enduro bikes.
AL for alloy. We’re running Nukeproof’s tough and hassle free alloy frames.
The team will run Nukeproof’s Horizon pedals – the enduro guys will be on the Horizon CS enduro pedal.

The downhillers will be onboard the Nukeproof Pulse Comp – a fast, tough, race winning but affordable downhill bike.
Mudhugger will keep the guy’s goggles clear and focussed on get down the hill fast.
The DH guys will also run the Funn KingPin bar and RSX direct mount stem with Funn Hilt grips.
Our oldest team sponsor is Continental tyres – and we love ’em. They’ll keep the guys supplied with top quality, fast, grippy rubber.