Öhlins Release Updated RXF 36 EVO Enduro Fork.

Based on rider feedback, Öhlins have updated their flagship RXF 36 fork to work better in all trail conditions between and away from the tape.

Hailed for its stiff chassis and excellent big-hit performance, the RXF 36 from Öhlins was one of the best enduro race forks out there. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t lend them well to normal trail use.

The RXF 36 EVO aims to solve that problem by changing the cartridge tune, air volume, bushings and wiper seals, to create a fork that works better in all trail situations. There’s good news for existing RXF 36 owners as there are retro-fittable parts kits available.

So how have Öhlins gone about changing a race fork into a fork for all occasions, without losing that race performance?

Well, they’ve taken feedback from their enduro racers to get the level of bushing play you’ll find on the EVO, as well as SKF wiper seals. You’ll find a 30% larger negative air chamber based on the downhill fork as well as a completely revised damper.

A redesigned piston ring claims to drop breakaway force by up to 50% which will no doubt help the small bump sensitivity.

Likely the best news is that those with RXF 36 owners can purchase a retro-fittable kit that turns their existing fork into an EVO model.

Price remains fixed and is exactly the same as existing RXF 36 forks.

Full details on the new RXF 36 EVO fork from Öhlins can be found on their website here.

Will the RXF 36 EVO give the Rockshox Pike and Fox 36 a run for their money?

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