Strength Factory Launch Online MTB Strength Programming Service.

The man who whips our race team into shape, Ben Plenge from The Strength Factory, has launched his monthly MTB Strength Programming Service.

If you’re looking for a training programme to help you kick the daylights out of 2019 and your riding goals, then the MTB Strength Programming Service might be just the ticket for you.

Do you want to get your winter training started? Want to get stronger and fitter for MTB but not sure how to do it?

If so, then Wideopenmag’s bike tester and professional MTB strength coach Ben Plenge from The Strength Factory has got a new programme to help you out.

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With the MTB Strength Programming Service you get a new gym programme sent direct to your inbox every month complete with video exercise tutorials, a training diary, mobility work, as well as extra content and features.

It is based on Ben’s 5 years of coaching mountain bikers, from weekend warriors to World Cup pros and it applies the same principles to your monthly programmes.

To find out how you can get on board and start your winter training the right way, just hit the link.