We’re counting down to Christmas with 12 of our favourite pro riders.

Next out of the stops is UK cycling legend extraordinaire, Tracy Moseley.

2018 is almost at an end. Was it a good year for you?

Yeah, me and James made a mini human, so it will always be a pretty special year.

With off-season in full effect, have you been relaxing or smashing out the intervals?

I’d love to say I have been smashing out the intervals as I am really missing training properly and being fit, but sadly work and mum time are taking up most of my time and when I can I am just enjoying getting out on my road bike mainly…

Favourite ride/race from this season and why?

Ard Rock Enduro was just so good to get back between the tapes and I made it round in my unfit state and stopped to feed Toby en route so felt like I was a good mum and bike racer combined day. The best.

Worst race/ride and why?

Local CX race in early December with no training, it was a suffer-fest and then I snapped my hanger and had to run (well I walked to the pits) to use my brother’s bike with the saddle to high for me, to then get pulled from race as the leader (Hattie my T-Mo racing superstar) was about to lap me.

What was the last ride/race where you finished running on fumes?

Every time I go out on my bike at the moment as its an hour smash fest to maximise my time.

3 top tunes of your year?

Have not had time to listen to anything other than background radio.

Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Watching my little boy grow up and hopefully a bit more time to ride my bike and get fit…

What’s on your Christmas list?

More sleep and more time to ride bikes.

Will you be eating sprouts with your Christmas dinner?

Oh yeah…

What will your New Year’s Resolution be?

To try and keep one weekend free a month so my husband can have chance to plan something he would like to do.

What’s your number one stand out moment from this year?

Sorry its baby related but having our boy Toby in March…

Name one rider to keep a keen eye on for 2019.

Jayden Randell.

You can follow Tracy’s progress through the winter months and into 2019 on and Instagram.

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