Oakley’s New DRT5 Helmet | Everything you need to know.

With input from the multiple World and World Cup Champion, the GOAT, Greg Minaar Oakley’s DRT5 helmet should have all the bells and whistles.

We take a closer look at the trail helmet designed by a champion. The DRT5 helmet comes at the same time as the Oakley Capsule Spring collection which we took a look at here.

Read more below about the Oakley DRT5 helmet.

Key Features:

  • BOA FS1-1 System closure.
  • TX1 Lace retention system.
  • Designed with eyewear compatibility.
  • MIPS-equipped.
  • Oakley.com.

Oakley has launched DRT5, do-it-all trail helmet which will be available in the Spring. Designed with input from the GOAT.

The DRT5 has, unsurprisingly, been designed with eyewear in mind. The new Oakley lid features detachable clips on the back of the helmet for stowage. The helmet’s interior sports a  washable silicone gel sweat guard which collects and diverts sweat from the forehead and out of your peepers.

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A BOA FS1-1 System closure is is a height adjustable, that should keep the DRT5 from wobbling on your head. Featuring MIPS technology, a patented brain protection system which helps protect heads against impact that can come from any direction.

Team Oakley athlete Greg Minnaar played a core role in the DRT5’s research and development, collaborating at five vital stages including early clay model reviews, visor modifications and the helmet’s first 3D reveal.

The GOAT said:In more than 20 years of working with Oakley their equipment has always over-delivered. The design team always put the athletes’ needs first, and you can see that in the DRT5. We collaborated at every stage of the process to create this versatile trail helmet, and I can’t wait to see athletes of every level wearing it out on the mountains. This is truly a product designed for riders by riders”.

Minnaar’s input into the DRT5 goes right through to the colors, with the ‘G. Minnaar Grey’ style named after him and his own favourite racing color. ‘Blackout’, ‘Matte White’, ‘Dark Brush’ and ‘Matte Balsam’  colours will also be available.

Sizing and pricing are still TBC at this point, but check out Oakley’s website on March 1st for full specs and pricing.