The new Vitus Substance Carbon CRX could be the mountain biker’s road bike you’ve been hunting for

The Vitus Substance Carbon range launches today, with 3 brand new bikes to suit all manner of riding styles and wallets.

Vitus Substance CRX front (1)

The Vitus Substance has been a great value drop-bar bike for some time now… but the range was always missing a light weight, sporty carbon version. The new Vitus Substance Carbon is the long awaited remedy to that and comes with three versions, include two with drop bars and one flat bar.

The Vitus Substance is touted as an ‘adventure/gravel’ bike which, in our book at least, means bike for pounding some miles out, bumpy roads, gravel tracks, bike packing adventures, pub trips… You name it. Basically, that big and fuzzy category between mountain biking and road riding.

The Substance Carbon frame is designed to take 650b or 700c wheels and tyres, with decently chunky rubber. It’ll take mud-guards, racks for bags and water-bottles. Keeping everything solid are bolt through axles on the frame and fork.

Vitus Substance Carbon CRX

Vitus Substance CRX (1)

The Substance Carbon CRX is the sportiest of the three new bikes with 650b wheels and 47c tyres. It’s tantalisingly close to a mountain bike with comfortable geometry and tyres that’ll hold up to a bit of off-road. It has SRAM APEX hydraulic brakes and a 1x APEX drivetrain.

The Carbon CRX will cost you £1799.99.

Vitus Substance

Vitus Substance drop bar (1)

The standard Vitus Substance model lacks a bit of the rock and roll of the CRX, but brings the price down to less than a grand and still has loads of decent kit. Unlike the carbon-framed VRX, the Substance comes with a 4130 cromo frame and a carbon fork.

In our book, this takes the Substance a bit closer to ‘road’ and would be a great choice if you want plenty of on tarmac miles whilst still keeping the ability to ride over some bumps.

Merida eOneFortytea

The Substance has 700c wheels with 37c tan wall tyres, TRP mechanical discs and a 2X drive train running on Shimano Sora.

The Vitus Substance will cost you £949.99.

Vitus Substance FB

Vitus Substance FB flat bar (1)

The Vitus Substance FB is, you guessed it, the flat bar version in the Substance family. It’s your round-towner, commuter, pub bike for anyone that doesn’t need or want a drop bar.

The FB is another 4130 cromo frame and carbon fork combo, though Vitus say that this frame has been designed specifically for the FB version and is different to the other models in the range.

This one has 700C wheels and big-ish 38c tyres for clattering over pot holes and shoddy cycle paths. It has a Shimano Sora drive train and TRP Spyre mechanical brakes. The flat bar obviously means you can upgrade to hydraulic discs easily and affordably.

The Vitus Substance FB will cost you £899.99.

You can view the new Vitus Substance range over on the Vitus Bikes website here.