2019 Enduro World Series Round Two, Tasmania | Hutch’s Preview.

Team Wideopenmag’s Chris Hutchens takes a look at this weekend’s second round of the 2019 Enduro World Series in Derby, Tasmania.

The Enduro World Series heads to Australia this weekend for round two, the EWS Shimano Enduro Tasmania.

Well, the first round of the Enduro World Series was definitely an exciting opener to the 2019 season. Rotorua stayed dry this year and put on, from what it looks like, five very exciting stages. This coming weekend things move, relatively close, to Tasmania.

A place which has an increasing mountain bike scene and is personally somewhere I definitely want to check out soon. The race here two years ago was full of challenge for the riders which changeable conditions. How’s it going to unfold this year and what Fantasy changes have I made for round 2. Are drastic changes required?

For the results check back here.

Already, pictures are flowing through from riders at the event checking out out the race track. I’m sure everyone will be figuring out their race approach for the coming weekend. It sounds like there’s some booters for riders to hit, Roy Cunningham is clearly getting behind jumps at enduros given his latest Instagram post.


Two years ago the trails were relatively flat but has some serious features. Mike Clyne who’s out there on a mission and report through Wideopenmag show’s just how tight things are. Will riders be cutting bars down? Probably.

Last weekend the biggest surprise, much to my points detriment, was Sam Hill struggling on race day due to an illness. Will he be back strong for this coming weekend? Let’s hope so but two weeks of racing is tough on the body and I’m betting on Maes’ fitness again coming into round 2 by substituting these guys.

With 5 NZ rider in the top 10 last weekend and a strong history of results from 2018 I’ve gone for Lucas and Walker for this weekend on my fantasy team. Then Stuttard, well he’s a great rider and looks like he’s recovered well from his injury sustained in Madeira a few years back. Great to see him back on pace in NZ and I’m hoping he does my team proud for Tassie.

Another outstanding performance was from Bex Baraona, finally grabbing a podium after many great performances over the years. I’ve got a feeling her strength and hunger to better 3rd will pull her through the season with some great results.

Morgane Charre also comes across from DH after not picking up a World Cup DH sponsor. Expect to see her up there a lot. As a result of this I’ve pull these two onto my team for the time being. The competition is tight in the women and all those in the top 10 have potential to be on that podium.

Keep tabs on all the live feed over on the Enduro World Series website.