Endura Launch PFC-Free Clothing Cleaner and Re-Proofer.

Livingstone-based riding and protection giants Endura have released a range of cleaners and re-proofers that are PFC-free.

It makes total sense for Endura to produce their own clothing cleaners and re-proofers, and it’s always good to see brands steering clear of things like PFCs.

Endura’s new cleaner and re-proofer comes in two sizes, as well as a re-proofer only for those jackets that have seen so much action they’re losing their resilience to the elements.

Both the 300ml bottles cost £8.99, while the 60ml bottle is £2.99.

Merida eOneSixtyMerida eOneSixty

Check out all the cleaner and reproofer products on Endura’s website here.

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