Matt Walker injured at Fort William British National just three weeks before the World Cup

Madison Saracen’s Matt Walker has crashed at the HSBC UK British National Downhill Series and taken the decision not to race.

Matt told us that he crashed riding the new woods section on the Fort William track.

I just tucked the front on some roots going into the woods pretty fast and went side on into a tree” he told us whilst travelling back home, sitting out of Sunday’s National race.

I wasn’t doing anything stupid just one of those things. Wrong place, wrong time” Matt told us.

Matt explained that “they (the medical team) were just real worried to start with because I was that winded I starved my brain of oxygen and passed out on the side of the track… That wasn’t much fun!“.

Matt has apparently had a chest scan and hasn’t suffered any very serious damage but is likely to have some fractured ribs. He’ll no more about in about a week. He’s optimistic about Fort William World Cup and tells us that he’s fully committed to being on the start line.

Get well soon Matt, we’ll keep you guys updated when we know more.

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