All the Fails of Fort William In One Place.

The 2019 Fort William World Cup might have seen more crashes on more of the course than ever before, and we’ve picked out the best (or worst) of the bunch.

Very few of the fastest riders have been spared a taste of the dirt and rock here in Fort William as the rain as left the track with hidden holes unlike any previous event.

We’ve put together all of the best captured crashes from Nevis Range for your enjoyment.

Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin’s weekend came unstuck earlier in the week and arguably kept getting worse, the peak being this crash in his finals run.

One washed out back wheel and a clipped pedal and BOOM.

Becci Skelton

After casing the living daylights out of the step down out of the woods section, Becci Skelton upped her game while catching a slower rider and decided to check if it was indeed a penny she saw.

Thankfully, no damage other than some bruised pride and missing finals.

Sam Dale

This is savage. Sam Dale took a digger and snapped his collarbone in two trying to overtake a rider he’d caught while bagging 10th at the top two splits.

We’re sending some major healing vibes in Sambo’s direction.

Adam Brayton

One of the holes that floored more than a few riders was as you cut high on the rocks, leading into the first bus stop turn high on Aonach Mor.

Adam Brayton was one to find that no amount of press ups were enough to keep you off the deck here. Mr Gas to Flat would shrug this one off and qualify 35th. Will we see him back on the box this weekend?

Gee Atherton

Gee found the same hole Brayton did, but managed to hold on that little bit longer to do some proper break dancing into the first bus stop. A gammy hand hasn’t stopped Gee before and it won’t in finals either.

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Finn Iles

It was at this moment, Finn Iles knew, he’d f*cked up.

Nothing but bruised pride and skin for the Specialized star.

Tahnee Seagrave

Tahnee was one of the earliest casualties of the weekend, being carted off on Friday afternoon as the rain just kept on coming. A separated shoulder is not what anyone wanted, seeing as she’d not even had a chance to take a strut about in the leaders’ jersey before this crash.

Kade Edwards

You know a crash is going to be bad when a rider hasn’t even got their hands out before they hit the deck, and the bike has rebounded into the air.

Nothing a bit of ibuprofen and ice can’t sort for finals, right?

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