Ahead of the UK qualifier for the Red Bull Pumptrack World Championship, Red Bull put on a day at Wishawhill pumptrack.

The event was a great showcase of the different ways a pump track could be ridden ahead of the Red Bull Pumptrack World Championships, with top BMXers showing off some tricks and some fast laps being put in by everyone when the stopwatch was brought out.

We managed to grab Kriss Kyle for a few minutes and ask him what he likes about pumptracks and why it is good for the area.

Who is Kriss Kyle?

I’m Kriss Kyle and I’m a professional BMX rider.

Why do you like pumptracks?

I think just because it’s something different, we pump a lot when we are riding BMX and stuff and I guess like with any sport really the main thing is pumping. To be honest it’s quite nice to not do tricks and just go as fast as you can. It’s a good fitness thing and something that everyone can do, all types of riders whether you ride road bikes, mountain bikes I think you can do it.

Have you been riding at any of the other pumptracks in Scotland?

Yeah, I’ve been to the one at Cathkin Braes. That’s the one I usually go to because it’s not too far from my house and I’ve been to the one in Inverness.

How do you find the one here in Wishaw compared to the other ones you have rode?

I love this one here. This one is definitely up there with being my second favourite so far. This is only my first time here, so Cathkin at the moment is my favourite.

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Would you like to see more pumptracks in Scotland?

I’d love to, because it’s getting more and more people into the sport. Instead of building football pitches here and there we can be doing this and it helps out kids a lot and it’s an amazing thing to have.

What do you make of the Red Bull Pumptrack World Championship Qualifier that’s coming in August here in Wishaw?

I think that’s going to be amazing and I think this track is really technical compared to the other ones, so it’s going to be interesting to see who takes the win.

Would you like to see more pumptrack racing in Scotland?

Yeah I would, yeah. It seems like this is the place for it, we had the qualifier last year in Cathkin Braes and we have it again this year in Wishaw. Yeah, I’m stoked on it. If we keep building these, pumping them out, everyone is gonna be having fun and there is going to be lots more opportunities for younger kids coming into the sport.

Thanks very much to Kriss for his time to answer our questions.

We are looking forward to the qualifier in August, you can find all the info on the event on the Red Bull Pumptrack World Championships website here.

Read our interview with Kriss Kyle about his Dubai BMX video here.

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