Tracy Moseley Rips with Her T-MO Racing Team Mates.

Tracy Moseley takes a rip around the woods with her two very capable T-MO Racing young guns, Hattie Harnden and Jayden Randell.

Tracy Moseley has taken some very fast young riders under her wing over the last few years to make up T-MO Racing. The current team is made up of enduro pinner Jayden Randell and cross country whippet Hattie Harnden.

T-MO Racing began back in 2012 when I retired from World Cup DH racing and began the next steps of my career. I no longer had a factory team sponsorship and I wanted to try out some new disciplines of bike racing and needed a place and identity so came up with T-MO which was always the nick name that Steve Peat had given me.

T-MO racing started and gave me a platform to help some local young riders and give something back to the sport along with my knowledge and experience. Since the start the list of T-MO supported riders has grown and some of them have gone on to some pretty cool things – Rosie Crumpton, Alice Barnes, Evie Richards, Meg James and now in 2019 I have two local rippers, Hattie Harnden and Jayden Randell.

I have been helping Hattie since she was 14 so it’s been so cool to see her grow into such a talented and successful young athlete having now won national races in road, XC and enduro. With her 2019 sights set on becoming Junior World XC Champion she certainly does have a bright future ahead of her.

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Jayden is just 15 years old and has already taken consistent podiums in the U19 boys’ races. 2019 will see Jayden take part in his full year of national enduro races after growing up riding all sorts of bikes from unicycles to fat bikes and street velodrome champion for many years!

They both are a real pleasure to work with and are a shining example of why I firmly believe in a cross-discipline focus and not specialising in any one thing too soon.

Biking is fun and needs to stay that way if you want to be successful and enjoy life.

So, here’s the 2019 pair of Hattie Harnden and Jayden Randell ripping up some of our local trails… enjoy.

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