Tested : Ben’s Red Bull Spect Eyewear Review.

Red Bull entered the eyewear market with their Spect range and Ben has been putting them through the test to see how they fare.

Finding a decent set of riding glasses you can rock off the bike as well without looking like a gomper is the holy grail. Red Bull launched their Spect eyewear range earlier in the year and Ben has been finding out if they’re the ones.

Key features:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Dual Temple System to keep them on your head
  • MTB and action sport specific
  • £130.00 RRP
  • RedBullShop.com

The Spect range of glasses is the first MTB-specific product that Red Bull have put their name to. They promise a secure fit thanks to the unique Dual Temple System that holds them snugly behind your ears.

At first glance these appear to just be a good looking pair of sunnies. The matte black finish and classic styling means that they can be worn on or off the bike without looking like a bike nerd when you hit the beach or go to the shops. They just look pretty cool and I appreciated the low key look of the subdued Red Bull logo on the arms.

Look closer though and you will see two small tabs that slide along the arms. As they slide, a round, metal hook grows out of a small slot towards the ear end of the arms. This is what Red Bull call the Dual Temple System. Basically they snug around the back of your ears to keep the glasses in place when things get bumpy, stopping you from needing one of those funny glasses retainers that people had in the 90’s.

Out on the trail and they do exactly what they promise. They are comfy with good vision and crucially they stay perfectly in place on your head. The tint is a bit dark for use in the woods but in open areas of trail in sunny conditions they are great. You don’t notice the ear hooks until you go to take the glasses off and forget they are there, snagging your lobes as the Spects ping off your head.

What do we think?

£130 is a lot of cash for riding glasses that will probably end up getting scratched. Having said that I have used them for loads of stuff, from commuting, trail running, SUP and just cruising around looking like a boss in my new glasses, so that makes them pretty good value in my eyes, but only if you look after them and make them last.

We love:

  • Super secure fit
  • Multi-sport capable

Could do better:

  • They’re not cheap!

Check out the full Red Bull Spect Eyewear over on their website here.

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