Can Sam Hill Hold off Florian Nicolai to Defend his EWS Title?

With just sixty points separating Florian Nicolai and Sam Hill in the Enduro World Series rankings, it all comes down to the race in Zermatt this weekend.

Aussie legend Sam Hill sits just one race away from defending his Enduro World Series title after a slow start to the season. Florian Nicolai currently leads the standings but hasn’t managed to keep his early season pace.

Sixty points separate the two and Sam Hill is definitely the on form rider of the pair. Can Hill do what’s necessary to win the overall title this weekend?

With 500 points on offer for a win, it’s all to play for. Technically, everyone down to Dimitri Tordo in 7th overall currently could win. All would need the riders above them to not finish and for them to win the race, so it’s a tall order.

Kevin Miquel has ridden well to sit third in the overall rankings but hasn’t looked like a podium danger since earlier in the year.

66th place gets you 60 points so both Hill and Nicolai can have a terrible day and still keep their title fights alive, assuming everyone else in the top 7 doesn’t finish or has some major disasters.

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Going off Florian Nicolai’s downward trajectory in results, and Sam Hill’s upward swing through the season, it seems fair to think that Hill will not go for broke in Switzerland, but race to finish inside the top five. That would give him a minimum of 3,130 points total.

In that case, should Nicolai fail to get himself a 12th place finish or better in Zermatt this weekend, then Sam Hill will be your 2019 Enduro World Series champion albeit by a tiny margin.

Should Florian turn up with the wick big time in Switzerland, it will be a very exciting finale indeed and one that would go against the run of play somewhat. If Nicolai lands a top five, he’d have a minimum of 3,190 points, meaning if Hill finished outside the top 2, the Frenchman would take the 2019 Enduro World Series title.

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