2020 BEMBA British National Enduro Series Dates Announced.

Dates and venues for the six-round 2020 BEMBA British National Enduro Series have been announced with a total of three new venues.

Glentress, Dyfi and Llangollen return as BEMBA British National Enduro Series stalwarts as Dunoon, Minehead and Kielder joining the fray to make the six round series for 2020.

Three of these events have applied to triple up as 2020 Enduro World Series Qualifiers, so you can race the individual series, national series and World-level qualifiers in one hit. Just make sure you’ve got your abacus handy.

The 2020 BEMBA series starts at Tweedlove on March 21st/22nd and concludes in Kielder on 24th/25th October.

Keep an eye on the BEMBA Facebook page for updates.

BEMBA’s official update says:

BEMBA, the British Enduro Mountain Bike Association, is pleased to announce the 2020 National Enduro Series and National Enduro Champs.

The series will take place in England, Scotland and Wales throughout 2020 and will be made up of 6 races. The races will be organised by teams behind Tweedlove, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, Southern Enduro, PMBA Enduro, No Fuss Events and Northern Downhill.

The inaugural 2019 series was a great success, with almost 3000 competitors over the 6 rounds; a far cry from the last few attempts at a single organiser national enduro series. We are hoping that 3 of the 6 rounds will be announced as EWS qualifiers as well, fitting for the national series.

Round 3 at Minehead will double as the National Championships, a one off event BEMBA started 3 years ago to find the fastest racers in the country and award our own BEMBA national champions jerseys.

Just like the series final in 2019 where all the stages were fresh we finish with a fresh stage bonanza up in Kielder.

Round 1: March 21 & 22nd Glentress, Scotland

Organised by the TweedLove team the popular “Vallelujah” enduro will open the series with an all weather mix of trail centre and off piste stages. Expect big stages from this opening round which is also round 1 of TweedLove’s
Triple Crown series.


Tickets on sale 24th October at 09:00

£60 Early bird until 7 th November, £68 after that

Round 2: June 13th & 14 th Dyfi, Wales

Last years series final came down to the wire in the Dyfi Valley with virgin trails offering an all natural level playing field for all. For the 2020 series we return here for The Welsh Open and round 2 of the series for more
of the same, bring your A game!


Tickets on sale 16th November at 09:00

£65.50 plus £1.50 admin fee, £67

Round 3: July 18th & 19th Minehead, South England


We head way down south for what was the most popular of the 2019 series, with over 700 entries. The Southern Enduro Champs organised by Southern Enduro at Minehead. Expect 8 stages of loamy goodness in a compact arena great for spectators.

With this round being awarded the one-off national championship status the team will be pulling out all the stops to make this event even better than last year. Price includes camping/parking.


Tickets on sale 1st December at 09:00


Round 4: August 8th & 9th, Llangollen, Wales

Back to Wales for round 4 and to One Giant Leap Llangollen, a venue well know for awesome world class DH tracks will be turned into an Enduro venue for only the 2 nd time. Expect 5 Steep, rough and fast DH style tracks leading into grassy field sprint finishes.

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It’s a big climb back to the top but well worth it, the compact nature of the venue is great for spectators and camping. FREE camping & parking at this venue, showers & bottle bar available.


Tickets on sale 16th November at 09:00


Round 5: September 12th & 13th Dunoon, Scotland

National Enduro mountain biking arrives in Dunoon. Witness some of the finest Enduro mountain bike riders in the UK battle it out in the hills of Dunoon.

If you’re undecided on what to do in Septemeber and want to get some amazing riding under your belt and test yourself against the clock then get yourself entered, jump on the ferry (or drive round depending on where you’re coming from) and we’ll see you at this stunning seaside venue.


Tickets on sale, TBC

Round 6: October 24 & 25th, Kielder, North England

The final heads the far north of England to the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe and, at over 250 square miles, the largest working forest in England.

With a venue so vast we are very much looking forward to what the “Northern Downhill ” team will serve up at this fresh venue. Including a 6min 320M (1050ft) descent amongst the hand built never raced stages. The team will be busy building all summer this will be an awesome final full of fresh stages.


Tickets on sale 1st December 9am

Each round will be unique but all will use a two-day format with a full day’s practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday.

Full face helmets and rider insurance are encouraged for all riders but neither are compulsory. Check the specific requirements from each organiser.

Series points and Champions

By working together, the BEMBA organisers have been able to create series points with overall series rankings. At the end of the season, National Enduro Series Champions will be crowned.

The series points will be awarded to riders aged 16 and above, although some rounds will have a lower age limit. We welcome die-hard racers and first-timers alike, many rounds will have a “ride with mates” format to make the step to to national level racing less daunting. The trails will be designed to be fun and challenging with a good mix of natural terrain and man made trails. The spread of venues will present riders with a huge variety of British terrain and conditions in order to be a true national series.

To gain points for the overall title, racers total points will come from their best  four of the first five rounds, and the final round. They’re able to drop their worst result from the first five but can’t drop the final round points. Riders can get an overall series ranking from any of the rounds, even if you only do a single round.

Team Championships

After introducing it in 2019 the BNES Team Championship returns for 2020, open to teams of any size and across all categories.

Each team’s top three results at each event will be used to work out a team ranking. One result can be placed per category can be counted but riders can change between races. The overall series winning team will be announced at the final, with points worked out in the same way as for individual riders.

Age categories

The series will be categories are based around the Enduro World Series age categories: and BEMBA hope these 9 categories will become the standard at all UK Enduro’s


Under 18
Under 21
Grand Veteran


Under 21
Master 35+


Entry for each event will be available via the individual event organiser’s websites and will cost between £60 and £75.

TweedLove’s event will go on sale 24th October at 09:00 

Welsh Gravity Enduro event will go on sale 16th November at 09:00 

Southern Enduro event will go on sale 1st December at 08:00 

PMBA Enduro event will go on sale 16th November at 09:00 

NDH event will go on sale 1st December at 09:00


The BEMBA National Enduro Series is the UK’s premier enduro mountain bike race series and is proudly organised through a collaboration of several race organisers. Each organiser will present individual rounds but work together to provide the best possible race series. In its first year stats showed it to be the biggest of the UK Enduro series, and we hope 2020 will continue that trend. Work has already started on  the 2021 with another 2 new venues lined up for your pleasure.

BEMBA’s goal is to act as a national governing body for enduro and make the format as strong as possible, through well organised, well attended and safe events that are loved by riders. BEMBA is a 100% volunteer organisation run on a budget of £0.00 for the benefit of the Enduro discipline.