Tested : Ben Compares EVOC and DaKine Hip Packs.

Hip packs or bumbags, call them what you want, Ben has been pitting two of the best from DaKine and EVOC to see which comes out on top.

If you’ve run out of space to bolt or strap things to your bike, then you may have to go down the bag route. If you don’t fancy running a massive pack, then a hip pack/bum bag might be the best bet.

Ben pitted the EVOC and DaKine options against each other to see which one cut the mustard the best.

Evoc Hip Pouch 1L

Key features:

  • 1 Litre main compartment capacity
  • 2 Hip pockets
  • Padded Air Pad System
  • Key Clip
  • £33.99 RRP
  • EVOCSports.com

DaKine Hotlaps Stealth Waist Bag

Key features:

  • Air Mesh Back Panel
  • Fleece lined phone pocket
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Low profile design
  • £29.99 RRP
  • DaKine.com

If you are planning on going full enduro in 2020, then along with your on frame storage solutions you will need to be reaching for a bum bag to carry your phone, tools, spares and food.

Both of these bags basically do the same things, just in slightly different ways. Both have double side pockets, a main zip compartment, internal organisation and both cost around £30. They are both pretty slimline and can be worn over or under your jacket or jersey. Finally they both seem bombproof and ruggedly built and neither is showing signs of wear or tear despite plenty of rides, crashes and jetwashes.

So what’s the difference?

The EVOC has more of a conventional structure to it with a generously padded back panel and a main compartment that’s a couple of cm deep. The DaKine bag is lower profile and more like a money belt that your Nan might take on holiday. Having said that, it does expand and only offers slightly less storage in the main compartment.

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Both bags fasten with a large plastic clip. The EVOC goes the conventional route and has the clip at the front centre where the DaKine has it off to one side which I found a little more comfy as it doesn’t foul with the fasteners on my shorts or riding pants.

The Hotlaps Stealth bag has a single zipped hip pocket on the left hip and then a more minimal pouch on the right that you could tuck a cereal bar into. Both hip pockets on the EVOC are zipped and they sit slightly further forwards on your body making them easier to reach whilst pedalling than the DaKine.

In use they are both great little packs and when combined with a frame mounted water bottle you can carry all you need for some decent length rides. Both have internal organisers for tools, CO2, levers, your phone and keys and both are finished to a high standard. The EVOC has a little more storage space and can actually hold a small jacket or gilet if you really screw it up tight and that has led me to use the EVOC bag all winter. It can

just about take a shock pumps as well which is really useful for me testing and fettling a lot of bikes.

The DaKine is a great little bag as well, and for summer evening blasts it is just the job. At the end of your ride though, there is no loop for a light to slot onto, unlike the Evoc which also features a small reflective strip. I can see a lot of racers appreciating the Hotlaps Stealth for its low, 150g weight and its low profile construction that can easily be worn under a fitted race jersey.

What do we think?

These are both genuinely very good bits of kit at a great price, but if I had to choose one bag, I would go for the EVOC as it has just a bit more storage to make it a year round and highly versatile piece of kit compared to the very minimal DaKine.

We love:

  • Low profile of the DaKine
  • Squeezing a jacket into the Evoc
  • Not having a backpack on.

Could do better:

  • DaKine is so small that is only useful for summer or local laps.

Check out the EVOC Hip Pack on their website here.

For everything DaKine Hotlaps pack on their website here.