Tested: Lewis’ Coros Safesound Mountain Helmet Review.

Lewis has been putting the Coros Safesound Mountain helmet, a lid with some interesting technology, to the test over the last few months.

Coros have a range of smart watches for extreme sports athletes. They have jumped into the helmet market with the Safesound Mountain that sports some some unique features based on their experience with smart technology.

Key Features:

  • Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS)
  • Rear LED Tail light
  • Smart remote
  • SOS App and S.O.S Led Flash
  • 17 air vents
  • £115.00
  • Coros.com


The Coros Safesound Mountain is, for all intents and purposes, a modern mountain bike helmet. You get an EPS liner inside a polycarbonate shell, EVA padding, 17 vents and an adjustable visor. Everything you’d expect as standard these days. It’s beyond the obvious safety features where the Safesound Mountain comes into its own though.

With their background in smart watches, Coros have added their version of safety equipment to this helmet, in the form of the SOS system and a rear LED. The SOS system is in a similar vein to Specialized’s Angi. Upon detecting a crash, the systems send messages to your chosen emergency contact.

The Open Ear Sound System allows you to listen to your surroundings, while listening to music or answering calls. I normally ride to the Afan Trails from my house, so this is perfect for the busy road I have to take to get there, I haven’t used the earphones while riding in a group, but it was easy to communicate while talking to riders on the trails. The sound quality is OK but if you are a bass lover or love to blast your favourite tunes, the max volume does struggle with bass end of the range.

Coros have nailed it with the brightness of their rear LED. It’s perfect for my commute, riding to the trails and will certainly come in handy for winter night rides. The positioning is also very good as the power button and charging insert is inside and sits high on the helmet, so dirt does not cover the LED light too much. It’s also nice and bright so you can be seen from a distance.

The Safesound helmet also comes with a smart remote so you can answer calls, switch between tracks, volume and control the LED Tail Light.  I have only used a handful of times on my commute as I feel like it could get damaged easily.

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LED light and earphones charge through a USB port at the rear and connect through Bluetooth, pads and bolts also come spare which is a nice touch.

Lastly, The SOS Emergency Alert is also a great feature as I usually ride alone after work or in the evenings, I never ride hard as I could risk injuring myself and being stranded. I haven’t needed to use this feature of the helmet, but it is a good feeling that I have a helmet that will not only take the impact, but also notify someone that I am injured and could potentially save my life.

Fit and Performance

Despite only offering medium and large sizes, the medium Coros helmet fit me well, with the rear ratchet allowing me to tighten the helmet without it being uncomfortable. Even with a GoPro fitted, the helmet didn’t want to move.

The 17 air vents and adjustable visor made for some excellent ventilation which reduced sweat while riding. I didn’t overheat while riding my normal enduro loop and I didn’t feel warm as I normally do in my Leatt open face helmet.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to test the helmet properly, so I can’t vouch for the EPS liner, but it does feel solid and didn’t show any signs of wear and tear.

What Do We Think?

£115 might not be cheap for an open face helmet, especially one lacking MIPS, but Coros have put their money into their unique features like the EOSS, rear LED and SOS Emergency Alert. As it ticks all the boxes for a regular helmet for me, and has some cool features, it’s at the top of my list when I head out for a ride.

We Love:

  • SOS Emergency Alert
  • Fit
  • Open Ear Sound System
  • Rear LED light

Could do better:

  • Remote doesn’t match the quality of the helmet
  • Lacks MIPS or similar
  • Needs a size small in the range

You can check out the full Coros Safesound helmet range on their website here.

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