The 2020 GT Bikes Malverns Classic Postponed

The organisers of the GT Bikes Malverns Classic Festival have announced that the event will not go ahead in 2020.

The team behind the event released a statement late on Thursday 17th July announcing that they wouldn’t be able to proceed with the event and that “all spectators and racers will be refunded within the next seven days”.

The cancellation comes just a week after the event organisers announced that the event was going ahead. The sudden change of plan comes, we’re told, in response to a recommendation from the local council following a COVID-19 outbreak in the immediate area of the festival.

The local council are said to have advised the Malverns team that “My recommendation is that at this time you should not go ahead with the event. The risk is too great and there is still a risk that that area could be under lockdown when the event was due to happen”.


The Malverns Festival was first held in the 90’s and ran for several years, famous for it’s mix of nightlife and racing. After a 20 year hiatus, the event was adopted by Simon and Oliver Paton who first ran the event successfully in 2018. The event was postponed due to bad weather in 2019 and 2020 sees the second postponement in a row for the Malverns.

According to this evening’s announcement, the GT Bikes Malverns Classic will return next year on 26th – 29th of August 2021.

You can learn more at the Malverns Classic homepage.