Tested : Ben’s Wolf Tooth Remote Dropper Lever Review.

Can a high end lever transform your dropper post? Ben has been putting the Wolf Tooth Components Light Action Remote lever through its paces.

There are plenty of upgrade dropper levers out there and the Wolf Tooth LA lever is just one of them. Ben has been putting it through its paces.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • Dropper post lever for all cable operated posts
  • Available clamps for SRAM/Shimano and direct to bar
  • 21mm bearing for smooth action
  • Low profile design
  • LA – Light Action
  • £76.00 RRP
  • WolfToothComponents.com

The limited edition gold model tested here features a longer lever designed to give a light feel at the thumb, ideal for cheaper posts that often have a heavier action. The clamp and body is smartly machined and well finished. It immediately looks like an upgrade when you fit it to your bars.

I tested the Remote with a standard bar clamp and found it easy to find a sweet spot on my bars with it. It is also available in a wide range of fitments, from Shimano iSpec, SRAM Matchmaker X and even versions for Magura and Hope brake levers.

I fitted the Light Action Remote to my long term Vitus Sommet 29 VRS test bike that came with a no frills, but functional Brand-X Ascend post. It made an immediate difference, doing just what it promised, making the lever feel lighter and requiring less thumb force to actuate the post.

Merida Big.Trailtea

The light feeling comes from the large 21mm sealed cartridge bearing that keeps things spinning smoothly and is also aided by the longer lever length compared to the Brand-X lever it replaced. Personally I like the lighter feel of the lever and it does feel like a tangible upgrade for a budget dropper post. It makes it easier to feather the over action if you want to drop or raise your post part way through its travel.

Back in December 2018 I reviewed the PNW Components Loam Lever, a similar product that also sells for a premium price. The Loam Lever features more adjustment to get the lever exactly where you want it, but in use you would struggle to tell the two apart as far as performance and feel is concerned.

My observation of the Wolf Tooth Remote is generally the same and that is that it really improves a budget post but that for more expensive posts that tend to have lighter actions, the difference is a lot more marginal. It is down to you to decide whether or not spending over £70 on a lever is a worthwhile investment unless you have a broken lever to replace.

What do we think?

Overall this is a really high quality product that has performed flawlessly throughout the test. As long as your cable remains clean and lubricated it will give you light, smooth seat post shifts every time you hit the trails.

We Love:

  • Light Action
  • Look and design

Could do Better:

  • Expensive

You can check out all the Wolf Tooth dropper levers on their website here.

Wolf Tooth Components are available in the UK via Saddleback.

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