Merida Floorpump Tubeless Review

Simple and sturdy at a great price and packed with features. The Merida Floorpump Tubeless has done a great job since landing with us. Time to check out those fine details!


  • Floor pump with integrated tubeless inflator
  • Works up to 260 psi/18 bar
  • Large 2.5″ pressure gauge
  • £69.99

Merida’s Floorpump Tubeless is, you guessed it, a floor pump for, you guessed it, pumping up your tyres. What’s perhaps less obvious is the tubeless-inflator that’s hidden away in the pump to make those tricky tubeless tyres go a bit smoother.

Compared to some of the fantastically over-engineered options out there, the Merida Floorpump is refreshingly uncomplicated. It has a wide base to keep it upright, a long hose for easy access and a simple gauge to keep track of progress. The valve is a sturdy affair with a quality feel but does require you to unscrew and flip the head to swap between Presta and Schraeder. It’s an easy job, but, not as easy as those ‘smart valves’ that do both.

You’d be forgiven for missing the tubeless inflator at first (we did!). The pump feels no bulkier than a standard pump save for the extra, second tube and the tiny switch at the valve. Simply flick the switch, inflate, attach and flick back to squirt up to 260PSI into your tyres. Given that our usual solution is a floor pump with an Airshot gaffa-taped to the base, this feels like a much neater setup.

Last but not least, the price. At £69.99 Merida’s Floorpump tubeless is definitely one of the cheaper options by some margin, with many costing you north of £100. There are other options for similar (and sometimes less) online but, we haven’t tested those ourselves.

We think:

Sometimes the best products are the ones that you forget you own till you need them. This is one of those. It’s simple, sturdy, has a quality feel and is easy to use. The ‘action’ feels great and the design makes pumping big, heavy tyres quick and fairly effortless. The tubeless system is equally fuss-free. We also really like the long hose which makes it easy to reach your valves without having to reposition your bike. Great price too!

We Like:

  • Solid and sturdy
  • Packs in a tubeless inflator without much added bulk
  • Pumps tyres quickly and easily
  • Well priced compared to the competition

Could Do Better

  • The valve requires a small amount of effort to swap between Presta and Schraeder.

You can check out the Merida Floorpump Tubeless on Merida’s website here.