Merida Saddlebag Travel Seatpack Review

A summer on the local trails has meant plenty of room for exploration and overnight adventures, helped out by Merida’s Saddlebag Travel seatpack.

Here’s some thoughts on how it performed.

Continuing their theme of somewhat unglamorous product names, Merida’s Saddlebag Travel is a well-priced and well-designed saddlebag for your bikepacking adventures.

It offers 21.25L of internal storage, plenty of loops and straps for additional gear and is made from waterproof ripstop nylon.

The Merida Saddlebag Travel attaches to your saddle and seatpost and allows you to both look like a trendy bikepacking dude AND carry a bit of extra gear in an otherwise unused space.

Whilst the space is a little tight for bulky items like sleeping bags, it’s great for extra layers, food and compact cooking gear.

The roll-top provides a large opening to load/unload gear and allows you to expand or reduce the size depending on what you’ve packed.

A nice feature is the side zips which allow easy access to the pack without opening the roll-top, ideal for quickly stashing bits and bobs in a hurry.

Fitting the pack takes a bit of trial and error but nothing you can’t cope with. There are plenty of straps and plenty of adjustment, meaning it should fit on pretty much any setup. As you’d expect, the Saddlebag Travel worked best on a bike with a fixed seatpost and we found less side-to-side movement when pedalling on the gravel bike than the mountain bike.

When fitted to the gravel bike, the pack worked very nicely and is largely unnoticeable save for a bit of contact with your bum.

On a dropper-equipped bike, you’ll probably need to run your post a little higher to compensate for the added space taken up by the bag.

We think:

Used in combo with a bar-bag and a backpack, the Merida Saddlebag Travel has been great for bike packing missions. It’s relatively easy to fit, very easy to use and feel sturdy and great quality.

On the trails, on a gravel bike especially, it feels solid and secure and does little to remind you of its presence. On a mountain bike, it’s not quite so perfect and does tend to rattle and move around a little more than we’d like. Still very much useable though.

We like:

  • Solid, sturdy and secure
  • The price is great
  • Feels good quality

Could do better:

  • Doesn’t work quite so well on bikes with dropper posts, but, is useable

You can learn more about Merida’s Saddlebag Travel here on their website.

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