Reece Wilson Pushes the CushCore Pro Tyre Insert to the Limit.

Watch a pre-Rainbow jersey-owning Reece Wilson push the limits of the CushCore Pro tyre insert in super slow motion.

Anyone looking to push their bike harder without having to worry about their tyres is running a tyre insert these days, the same goes for the now Elite Men’s World Champion Reece Wilson.

In a head-to-head test last year, the CushCore came out on top of a pile of the leading tyre inserts available for aggressive riding.

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Orbea Rise ebike

Find out what happens to a tyre when it gets whacked off rocks and roots, or when cornering forces try and peel it off the rim.

Offering 35% more stability and a 12% reduction of shock and vibration leads to increased traction and control, meaning you can keep pushing.

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