Watch the Nukeproof Crew Hammer the New Mega in Finale Ligure

The brand new, redesigned Nukeproof Mega is here!

To celebrate, the Nukeproof boys went for razz around Finale Ligure and shot this rough-and-ready, pans-n-zooms fest.

Nukeproof said:

“The is no more iconic Enduro venue and one befitting of an edit than Finale Ligure. The spiritual home of Enduro has been one of the final stops for the EWS since it’s inception and as such the destination that we have had no fewer than 3 Enduro World Titles crowned there (Zermatt was the destination for the 4th title in 2019).

Finale, with it’s Mediterranean views and relaxed vibe is always a nice “wind down” to a long season of racing- although 2020 was a strangely short season, still enjoy riding some awesome trails and appreciate the opportunity to travel before the winter break. Dubbed the “holiday crew” by the elite Enduro pro’s (Wyn Masters and Jack Moir) due to Elliott and Ant’s diet (The Red Doctor aka. tin of Coca Cola, pizza and evening Gelatos), plus the constant search to entertain (Scooters, diving, sun burn and a whole lot of back wheel action!).”

Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet

You can learn all about the new Nukeproof Mega over on Nukeproof’s site here.