The Cotic Jeht | Everything You Need to Know.

Cotic launch their latest model, the Jeht, to sit in between the FlareMAX and the RocketMAX as a genuine do-it-all trail machine.

The new Cotic Jeht comes in the classic Sheffield steel, with 140mm rear travel via a revised Droplink layout, 150mm fork, improved seat post insertion and frame protection.

The Jeht brings some new Cotic developments into the range while plugging the gap between the increasingly diverging Flare and RocketMAX models. Designed as a capable, one bike to do it all offering, you get the familiar steel tubing, Droplink suspension and Longshot geometry, but with subtle tweaks to help improve the ride.

What you get is 140mm rear travel via a longer rocker than previous models. This is designed to enhance the suspension feel, while also having the bonus effect of allowing the pivot to be mounted lower, increasing the maximum seat post insertion. 150mm droppers can now be fitted even on the small.

To celebrate the launch of the Jeht, Cotic will be making the first 30 frames, in limited edition colours, here in the UK. These are available in Afterburner or Matte Teal colours, with Cane Creek DB Air IL or Kitsuma shock options, with prices starting at £2199 for the frame and Air IL shock. These frames are available immediately.

The production Jeht will be available in February 2021, coming in Mercury Rave and Matte Blue Steel colours, for £1,799 with a Rock Shox Deluxe Select Plus shock.

Cotic’s usual spread of standard build and custom options are offered on the Jeht as well, starting at Silver and rising through Gold and Platinum. Pricing varies on whether you order a UK or Taiwan-made frame, or on the Silver build, if you go for the 2020 build or the 2021 setup.

Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet


Unsurprisingly, the Jeht sports some suitably modern numbers that you would come to expect from a Cotic.

The Medium comes with a 476mm reach combined with a suitably short 425mm seat tube. Cotic now reckon you can pick one of two sizes now thanks to the extra room afforded by the lower pivot.

Head tube angle is 64.5 degrees and seat tube comes in at 75.5 degrees, measured at the top of the seat.

Chainstay length is fixed across the sizes at 447m, with the medium wheelbase coming in at 1255.8mm.

For everything Cotic Jeht related head over to Cotic’s website here.

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