Specialized Launch a £999 Balance Bike.

Specialized have launched a full carbon version of their kids’ balance bike, the Hotwalk, for a pound shy of a thousand.

With a full carbon frame using the same FACT 9r fibre that their top end bikes use, carbon wheels and a carbon handlebar, the Specialized Hotwalk Carbon might just be the most expensive kids’ bike to ever walk the Earth.

Key features:

  • Full FACT 9r frame
  • Carbon wheels
  • Carbon handlebars
  • 2.1kg (4.23lbs)
  • Rythm Lite tyres
  • £999.00
  • Specialized.com

If you can look past the price tag that is £221 less than a Calibre Bossnut, or £250 less than a Vitus Mythique VR, then the Specialized Hotwalk Carbon is about as high end as balance bikes are ever likely to get.

The FACT 9r carbon frame doesn’t even have foot rests like its alloy sibling in order to cut weight down. Carbon handlebars are 38% smaller than regular bars to fit smaller hands, and the 12″ carbon wheels come with a special set of Rythm Lite tyres with a thinner casing to get the weight down further.

Orbea Rise ebike

The bike is designed for a max weight of 18.1kg (40lbs) and a max height of up up to 88cm (35 inches), with an inseam of 15-18 inches.

You can check out the Specialized Hotwalk Carbon on their website here.