Tested : Ben’s Hope R4+ Light Review.

With a premium price tag, packed features list and the clean, engineered finish that Hope are known for, will the R4+ LED perform?

A good set of lights will help you keep your motivation going through the darker months by lighting the way ahead. Ben has been testing the Hope R4+ LED to see how it measures against the competition.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • 4 X Cree LEDs to produce 2000 lumens
  • 4 Cell Energy Status Battery – ESS
  • Illuminated power switch
  • Includes head strap and extension cable
  • £230.00 RRP
  • HopeTech.com

In the box you get all the normal bits you would expect with a set of off road lights, and you also get a few extras that help to make the R4+ a bit more versatile. The first thing is an extension cable that will allow you to run the lamp on your helmet with the heavy battery in your backpack or even bum bag. The second extra is a head strap for trail running, camping or walking.

Initial setup is a bit on the fiddly side as the light attaches to the bars via a bracket that is secured by a pair of Allen key bolts. These do up from the underside of the bars which make the process a bit slower and more tricky than on most other lights. The good news is that once fitted, the clamp is very stable with the LED light unit securely mounted via a bayonet fitting. The battery can then be velcroed to the top tube.

The light has 2 power sequences that can be selected when you turn it on. Each sequence has three lighting modes, from low power outputs for road sections to full-daylight levels of illumination for the techies trails sections. It is easy to switch between modes with a click of the prominent, back lit button on the light unit and your battery level is always at hand as well with the power status button on the battery.

Charge time is 7.5 hours for a fully discharged battery and this gives you anywhere from 2.5 hours on full beam up to 35 hours of run time (both claimed) on the lowest flash setting. Most of my night rides are short, punchy affairs up to about 90 minutes, so I pretty much only used the max power mode with the light mounted on my bars, rather than helmet. With a smaller, lighter light on my helmet I found the Hope to be a top performing light with a decent balance of brightness and beam width to light up the trails.

My only gripe with the R4+ is the bolt on clamp which really restricts your ability to switch it between bikes. My commute includes country lanes that are not lit, so I usually switch lights between my gravel commuter bike and MTB, but the Allen key clamp means this was not practical. I looked into buying a second clamp, but found they cost in the region of £30. This is crazy money, especially when I have used other lights with simple QR clamps that are just as secure and stable and easily switched between bikes.

What do we think?

Overall the R4+ is a top quality piece of kit. It does exactly what you need it to in a robust and well finished package that should last you years to come.

We love:

  • Easy to use light modes
  • Reliable illumination

Could Do Better:

  • Expensive and fiddly clamp

You can check out the Hope R4+ LED and the rest of their light range on Hope’s website here.

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