Steel City Media Announce Five-Rider “The Union” World Cup Team.

Steel City Media and Oliver Zwar combine their respective talents to bring a new, five rider team to the World Cups.

Oliver Zwar and his brother Ben are joined by Ollie Davis, Tuhoto Ariki and Finn Hawkesby-Browne in their collaboration with Steel City Media in The Union.

Since we started filming bikes, especially fast downhill ones, we’ve always been in love with the scene and the people who make it what it is. With MTB growing and going in so many directions at such a pace, we believe it’s trickier than ever for young riders and squids alike to navigate and garner the right support, needed to prosper in the world of MTB.

The UNION is a collaboration between ourselves and Oliver Zwar, who previously rode for and managed the Lusty/Hyperformance team that some of you may have seen on the WC DH circuit in years past. This existing 5x person squad now makes up our newly branded crew of riders.


The goal is pretty simple for us, to support and nurture riding talent whatever the discipline, whilst also bringing on and developing new media talent to capture it all. Even though in this first season we have a World Cup DH heavy roster, it’s just the beginning and for 2022 onwards we’re looking to create a much more diverse crew in and outside of the tape.

You can follow The Union on their Instagram feed here.