Specialized UK Team Up With Ecolamp for eBike Battery Recycling.

Part of a global battery recycling push, Specialized UK will recycle their Turbo batteries through UK-based company Ecolamp.

Specialized UK follow their US-based team in kicking off their own ebike battery recycling scheme with Ecolamp.

Read the full press release below.

With the phenomenal growth in the e-bike market, local transportation is beginning to look a lot more like an e-bike than a car. Much like the conversation around electric vehicles, this means we’ll see a significant amount of e-bike batteries once they hit their end of life. In the UK, sales of Specialized Turbo e-bikes have more than tripled in the last two years alone, and we believe this is only the beginning.

To get ahead of the potential long-term impact of e-bike batteries before their end-of-life, Specialized UK has established a nationwide partnership with UK-based recycling experts, Ecolamp. 

Built On Baggies

Ecolamp Recycling Solutions ensure that 100% of all the battery packs provided to them are recycled, and that none of the material goes to landfill.

In March, Specialized announced a partnership with US-based recycling start-up, Redwood Materials. Starting first in the US by the end of 2021, Specialized will work with Redwood to reclaim and recycle materials and components as well as consult on design practices in future product development to optimize for re-use at end-of-life. The program is expected to roll-out in other countries in 2022. 

Specialized was founded with the mission to inspire riders everywhere. For nearly half a century, one goal has remained constant; deliver the safe, high performing, long-lasting bikes and equipment. Today’s announcement with Ecolamp will build a foundation in the UK market for this work, supporting our global commitment as we work toward the effective re-use and recycling of everything we create.  

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