Specialized Launch the Turbo Tero Range.

Is it an entry level eMTB? A cargo bike? Is it an e-commuter? Specialized’s Turbo Tero claims to be whatever you want it to be.

Featuring Specialized’s full power 2 series motor and up to a 710Wh battery, anti-theft tech and new eco-minded end of life schemes, the Turbo Tero has a lot going for it.

Three spec models make up the range, starting at the Turbo Tero 3.0 at £2,900 rising to the 5.0 at £4,500. A 4.0 sits mid-range at £4,200. Both the 3.0 and 4.0 offer step-through models.

The Turbo Tero is based around an E5 aluminium frame, housing a full power 2 series motor. The lower two models feature the 2.0, while the top spec 5.0 runs the newer 2.2 motor. Similarly, the 3.0 comes with a removeable 530Wh battery, with the higher spec models running the larger 710Wh unit.

Fender, kickstand and rack mounts all feature, with the rear axle rated to tow a through-axle trailer. The rear rack is MIK-compatible, as well as MIK-equipped child seats.

The Mission Control app can also now be used to disable to motor and control unit, while activating the alarm. Only the owner can enable the motor again.

Specialized have also teamed up with Redwood Materials and Ecolamp Recycling Solutions to better improve the end-of-life processing of their batteries.

You can check out the Specialized Turbo Tero range on their website here.