#TotalMTB Finish the Year with a Bang.

#TotalMTB have rounded out the year of 2021 by coming in just shy of their £5,000 raffle target with some very deserving charities benefitting.

With over £9,000 of prizes on offer, #TotalMTB’s 2021 raffle had easily one of the biggest prize pots of any raffle going. They were just a few quid shy of their £5,000 target, bringing in over £16,000 this year.

As the #TotalMTB community and following grows every year they hope to raise more money every year. This year they were very optimistic at the start and hoped to raise £5,000. As half way through the raffle it was struggling to beat what we raised last year which was £3,367.

As the raffle was getting closer to ending more and more donations were coming. This was helped be some media and some well known MTB people sharing the raffle and it finished last night and we raised £4,996.

It was incredible and that means £2,498 has gone to mental health charity No Panic so they can continue their fantastic work supporting and bringing more awareness to mental health and £2,498 has gone to fund the planting of over 19,000 trees.

That means in total our community has raised over £16,000 and funded the planting of over 20,000 trees.

The £16,000 has been shared other three non-profits/charities:

  • No Panic
  • FreeBikes4Kids
  • Ecologi

You can read our interview with #TotalMTB’s Ryan Oldfield on our Features page here.