Tested : Pete’s Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas Flat Shoe Review.

Specialized’s 2FO shoes have always been firm favourites here at Wideopenmag but can the Roost Canvas flats keep up that tradition?

Canvas shoes might well be an interesting choice for UK riding but can Specialized’s 2FO Roost Flats see off the winter slop and keep Pete’s feet in one place?

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • XPel lining
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Varus wedge
  • Metatarsal button
  • Longitudinal arch support
  • New SlipNot SuperTacky outsole rubber compound
  • Sizes 36-49
  • £110.00 RRP
  • Specialized.com

Much of the hammering the 2FO Roost Canvas shoes got was on a week’s riding in the south of Spain. Paired with a set of the Pinnd CS2 pedals, I am happy to report that they didn’t put a foot wrong (see what I did there?).

Thanks to the complete lack of liquid sunshine in the hills above Malaga, I didn’t have to stress about how the XPel lining saw off the cack, but it had already proved that at home in Scotland and is no better or worse than anything that isn’t a winter boot.

They were comfy enough, and again thanks to the dust, to drive in to my chosen riding spot, ride all day, then drive home in them without ever feeling weird. Grip on trail was excellent, sometimes a little too good if I happened to get my foot placement on the pedal wrong.

Pedal strikes didn’t see my feet moving any, and despite their rough treatment, they’re not showing any signs of premature wear. Fit has remained snug throughout, and the only complaint is a dull ache in the ball of my foot when riding longer runs. I suspect this might just be might feet adjusting from a decade of clips, as it would vanish shortly after…

What do we think?

I was definitely skeptical about a canvas show but they’re far from the flimsy slip on offerings you can get from most skate companies these days. They’ve stood up to the ravages of a Scottish winter and sung in the Spanish dust.

Grip on hike-a-bikes is mighty an reminds me of Five Tens of old. The grip on the pedals is definitely up there too.

We love:

  • Lots of grip
  • All day comfort
  • Durable

Could do better:

  • There might be something, but I can’t think what it is

You can check out the Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas shoes on their website here.