The All-New Continental Gravity Range | Everything You Need to Know.

Last week, German tyre giants Continental launched a full redesigned five-tread strong gravity range to their collection.

Replacing the long-lived Kaiser and Baron Projekt models in Continental’s range are the Xynotal, Kryptotal, Argotal and Hydrotal tyres with various different casings and compounds available to suit your requirements.

Five treads, three casings, two widths, two wheel sizes and three compounds make up a comprehensive new gravity tyre range for Continental. The new range has been designed with input from Continental Atherton, Continental Nukeproof, Pinkbike Racing and Pivot Factory Racing teams.

The Trail casing features three layers under the tread, while the Enduro casing adds Continental’s Apex protector to the mix. The Downhill casing sports six layers of carcass material, additional carcass reinforcement and a protective Apex liner.

Endurance, Soft and Supersoft compounds are available, making a break from the single, useage tweaked Black Chili offering. Endurance is designed for high rolling and long life, Soft is designed to offer the best mix of grip and rolling for enduro riders, while Supersoft is designed to offer maximum traction for downhill riding.

Continental Gravity Range models


A dry/hardpack tyre, the Xynotal is designed to offer up plenty of grip and faster rolling when the mud dries out. Angled shoulder knobs are designed to create a smooth transition onto the shoulder from the main tread. Available in Trail, Enduro and Downhill casings as well as Supersoft, Soft and Endurance compounds. The Xynotal comes in a 2.4″ width only, in either 29 or 27.5″. Weights vary between 1000g and 1290g depending on size.

Kryptotal Fr

Designed to be run with the Kryptotal R, the Kryptotals are a mixed conditions pairing. We’ve heard reports of pairs of fronts and pairs of rears being used though. The Kryptotal Fr is a wider spaced tyre designed, believe it or not, for the front wheel where traction is everything. Available in the three casings and compounds, weights between 1000g and 1290g depending on size and casing, and the 2.4″ width comes in either 29 or 27.5″. Prices start at £59.95.

Kryptotal R

A rear specific tyre, unsurprisingly, Kryptotal R is designed with braking grip and faster rolling in mind. No real surprises with the casings, compounds and widths, with weights between the 1000g and 1290g depending on casing and size chosen. Prices start at £59.95.


Arguably the closest to one of the outgoing tyres, though not a Baron MkIII, it’s designed for the same loose conditions, with tall, well-spaced blocks to dig into the dirt and shed well. Available in Downhill, Enduro and Trail casings with Supersoft, Soft and Endurance compounds. 2.4 x 29 or 27.5″ in Downhill casing or 2.6 x 29 or 27.5″ in Enduro and Trail casings. Prices start at £59.95.


As the name suggests, the Hydrotal is a tyre for when there’s an awful lot of water about. A downhill specific mud tyre, the Hydrotal is available in Downhill casing and Supersoft compound only, in a 2.4″ width and 29 or 27.5″ wheel size. 1220g for the 27.5″ and 1290 for the 29″. £74.99 RRP. Prices start at £59.95.

You can check out the full Continental Gravity range on their website here.