Fort William Pit Randoms | Qualifying Day.

The Fort William World Cup usually brings with it some weird and wonderful things to see in the pits. Here’s Day 2’s delights.

Here’s what Pete managed to hunt out in the pits on qualifying day here at the 2022 Fort William World Cup.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Bagpipes in the rain

It wouldn’t be a Fort William World Cup without the event being officially being opened with a young man playing the bagpipes in a minor monsoon to the throngs of fans queuing for the gondola. Watch out folks, this weekend is going to be a noisy one…

Brook MacDonald’s lower link

Professional ground-worrier Brook MacDonald’s Mondraker Summum is sporting a flip chip-equipped lower link allows a tickle more BB height adjustment, crucially offering a slightly higher BB than the standard link.

Notice the bolt doesn’t look stock? Well, Brook’s mechanic Jake Ireland tells us that Brook, in his own unique way, kept bending the stock bike bolts, so he had to head to the builders’ merchants and grind down the head on a ‘proper’ bolt.

Carbon fibre Nukeproof Dissent

Lips remain fully sealed when it comes to this carbon fibre Nukeproof Dissent we spotted in a dark corner of the pits. This is the first time a Dissent has been anything but an all alloy affair. Keep your eyes peeled for some fast Irish lads on the live feed rocking this beast.

Prototype Vee Tire Co tyres

Thai tyre outfit Vee Tire Co. have rolled out some prototype tyres for this Fort William World Cup. One is a mixed conditions, fast rolling number in a 2.5″ width and either 27.5 or 29″. Rubber is Vee’s Top 40 compound only. Other details are pretty thin on the ground.

While the fast rolling rubber is going well here at the Fort, their mud spike is going to need a hefty dollop of soft dirt and similar quantities of rain. Some of the tracks later in the season might suit this spikey number better.

Fresh Intense links

Intense Factory Racing are dabbling with some fresh links in their hunt for the sweet spot on their prototype downhill bike. ‘Linear’ and ‘progressive’ links are on hand here in Scotland and the team are bashing out the laps to see which gets them down the hill the quickest

Galfer rotors

Aftermarket brake upgrade specialists Galfer have more than a few teams running their newest rotors here in Scotland. Plenty of inner and outer ribs to get the dirt and the excess heat out of the rotor, something that will be well tested here at Fort William.

If we find anything else, we’ll be sure to throw it into a race day randoms. Keep your eyes peeled.