Can Anyone Beat Team GBR’s Trophy of Nations Team?

Looking through the list of the Trophy of Nations teams, one stands out as being exceptionally strong, and that is Team GBR’s Elite Women.

Team GBR’s Elite Women have a very good chance of coming home with the Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure this October, with the team consisting of Bex Baraona, Hattie Harnden and Ella Conolly.

Despite missing EWS Whistler, Conolly sits fourth overall in the standings, with Hattie Harnden one place behind her in fifth, having missing EWS Sugarloaf. Bex Baraona is sitting in third with a full compliment of rounds to her name.

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Their stiffest competition will come from, unsurprisingly, their French counterparts who took the previous Trophy of Nations win. Isabeau Cordurier leads the current EWS standings, with Morgane Charre in second. Melanie Pugin sits in 7th currently.