Sharjah Jonsson Rides The Other Side of the Hill.

South African gravity racer Sharjah Jonsson heads out of the bike park and into the Ekukhanyeni township on the other side of the hill.

Sharjah Jonsson is no stranger to the rolling hills of the Tshelimnyama valley, he has raced countless events at Giba Gorge mountain bike park and spent time in an excavator building trails for the park. But the Ekukhanyeni township on other side of the valley was only somewhere he drove past on his way to Giba. That changed when his childhood friend Mvelo Ntombela invited him to explore the footpaths of Ekukhanyeni. 

The pair have spent years riding and racing tother, in Giba Gorge, after Ntombela joined the bike park’s development program. Since then, he has gone on to work at Giba and remains a consistent riding partner for Jonsson whenever the South African gravity racer returns from European adventures to his native KwaZulu Natal.