Tested : Pete’s SQ Labs 70X Grip Review.

SQ Labs’ range is designed to work with your body better than the run-of-the-mill kit, and their 70X grips are no different.

The proof of much of the kit designed to fit the human body that little better is in the pudding, Pete has done some serious miles with the SQ Lab grips as 40% of his contact points to find out.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • Shock-absorbing compound
  • Single inner locking collar
  • S or M sizes
  • Ergobar wave-shaped profile
  • Grip, Diamond and Comfort Zones
  • Black, Yellow or Fabio Wibmer colours
  • £29.99 RRP
  • SQ-Lab.com

Buy online at Tweeks Cycles for £23.99.

While many people are dismissive of specific ergonomic kit, it’s likely because they’ve never had the need for it. SQ Labs design their product around relieving pressure on contact points that might otherwise cause pain or discomfort. If you’re not one of those people then count yourself lucky.

I am also one of those people than doesn’t struggle with grip-related pain, however, I’d be reluctant to take the 70X grips off my bike now as they are supremely comfortable. Prevention perhaps better than cure?

Available in two sizes to match your hands size, and specifically, the contours of your hand, the Ergobar wave profile aims to not just offer a typical grip feel. There are Grip, Diamond and Comfort zones across this flared grip, all with different things in mind.

As I prefer a short grip with a flared end, these hit the mark at 134.8mm in length for the short size. The ridge on the underside follows the curve of my knuckles across my hand, meaning they grip without having to increase the tightness of my hand, if anything, the latter.

I did the full Stone King Rally Touring Club week on these grips and my hands were more than happy by the time we got to the Mediterranean with daily vertical ascent of 1365m, an average daily vertical descent of 3403m, for a mean daily distance of 45km, over 6 days. They don’t even look worn, despite the compound feeling fairly soft.

What do we think?

I would run these on all my bikes if I could, they’re beyond comfortable without sacrificing grip.

We love:

  • All-day comfort
  • Grip without having to grip

Could do better:

  • Not an awful lot…

You can check out the SQ Lab 70X grip on their website here.

Buy online at Tweeks Cycles for £23.99.