Misspent Summers Pre-Order Hurly Burly and World Stage Bundle Launches.

Misspent Summers have launched pre-orders for their 2023 editions of Hurly Burly and World Stage books in a two-book bundle.

Misspent Summer’s premium print coverage of the 2023 UCI Downhill World Cup and Enduro World Cup is now available to pre-order as a bundle. Get your copies of Hurly Burly and The World Stage before anyone else.

Read the full release below.

Key features:

  • Hurly Burly 2023 – the downhill World Cup and Championships yearbook (260+ pages)
  • The World Stage 2023 – the enduro World Cup yearbook (260+ pages)
  • Limited edition bookmark
  • All our love and respect – thank you for helping us record the history of mountain biking
  • Add a copy of Hurly Burly 2019 for free (excluding shipping) when ordering – just add it to your order in the ‘You might also like these’ section below the bundle
  • Bundle price: £40
  • Order here

Today we’re launching our downhill and enduro yearbooks pre-order bundle (shipping mid-November). See details below.

Please consider pre-ordering now if you can – it helps us judge print quantities and ensure we can get books to you as early as possible.

Tangent: A few weeks ago we added a different £150 Super Supporter bundle to our store – our most expensive-ever product – and didn’t tell anyone.

We wanted to see if anyone would (a) find it and (b) well, buy it.

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To our amazement, someone did, almost straight away. Wow! We almost fell off our chairs (hot tea spilt everywhere). Then another order came in. More tea stains. (Biscuits all over the floor too.)

After working away at this for almost eight years, it’s great to know we have a solid group of supporters helping fund our work.

If you like what we do, you can also help us out for free by telling your friends about us or leaving a review here.

Thank you to everyone who keeps our wheels turning through purchases, feedback, and spreading the word.

Stay tuned as we’ll be asking for your input in the coming weeks as we move towards our print deadline.

Get your 2023 Hurly Burly and The World Stage bundle here.