DMBinS Launches UK Trail Project Tour.

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland have launched their ‘Right trail, right place, right people, right time’ report tour.

With David Evans being appointed UK Trail Project Manager earlier in the year, DMBinS are sending him out on a UK tour to bring trail builders and landowners together to better understand the situation.

UK Trail Project tour dates and venues:

The UK Trails Project has been developed to help understand the current position of the trail network in each UK country and develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities, and challenges, to improve the long-term sustainability and security of the places we love to ride.

This project comes at a time when the sport of mountain biking is maturing to be capable of engaging with land managers and owners to develop a sustainable, exciting, and varied trail network for all levels.

The first step of the project will be to develop a UK wide ‘Right trail, right place, right people, right time’ report to give riders and land managers the space to tell the stories of their trails. We want to learn from riders across the country and develop a nationwide picture of who is riding what, when and where. We also want to hear from landowners and work with them to identify opportunities and reduce their pressures in supporting the trail network.

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To do this, we want to meet the riders of Britain and hear your stories first hand. UK Trails Project Manager David Evans will be travelling to riding hotspots around the UK to meet and greet riders, explain the project, the potential for a shared vision, and hear your tales. He will also be hosting an online workshop in January 2024 to capture the views and thoughts of riders who were not able to attend in person.

We don’t have all the answers, but we fully understand it takes years of dialogue to create a viable riding venue and would love you to share your experiences. Your feedback in these sessions will help us shape an online questionnaire to be released to riders UK wide in January 2024. Once we gain a fuller understanding of what’s happening across the UK, we can publish our Report to share and celebrate your successes and highlight opportunities the barriers the progress to be addressed in the next phase of work.

Mountain biking in the UK has never been better. Let’s get the right trails in the right place to help secure its future.

Read our Wise Words interview with David Evans over on our Features page here.