Tested : Pete’s PNW Components Loam Carbon Handlebar Review.

Pacific North West’s latest addition to their line up is a UD carbon fibre handlebar that comes in pretty light for a full 800mm offering.

Full carbon fibre, patent pending CBD layup, 800mm wide and still only 233g uncut, the Pacific Northwest Loam carbon bar has plenty going for it. How does it measure up in the real world though? Pete has been finding out.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • Patent Pending CBD Layup
  • Premium pre-preg UD Carbon
  • Rated for e-bikes and DH riding
  • 25 or 38mm rise
  • 35mm clamp
  • Upsweep: 5°
  • Backsweep: 10°
  • Width: 800mm (740mm minimum trim width)
  • 233g
  • £154.00 RRP
  • PNWComponents.com

PNW Component’s first carbon fibre offering comes in the form of the Loam Carbon bar. The Canadian brand stating that testing of other bars didn’t leave them enamored with the construction so they went down the CBD route. No, this bar has nothing to do with remedial jazz cigarettes or anything, CBD in this instance for Compliant Bore Design.

CBD essentially gives the outer form of a traditional carbon bar with varying thicknesses, wall shapes and textures to find their preferred balance between stiffness and compliance. In addition to this, the geometry of the bar with its 5 degree upsweep and 10 degree backsweep mirrors that of its alloy counterpart and is aimed at reducing fatigue whilst riding.

At 800mm wide and 233g, complete with rating for downhill, they really are the golden goose if handlebars if the claimed comfort combined with the precision we’d expect from a 35mm carbon fibre handlebar. In the past, especially with my low weight, I have struggled with some 35mm carbon bars that are horribly stiff and were flung into the corner for a more compliant alternative immediately.

So, have PNW Compontents hit the jackpot? In a word, yes. I trimmed mine to 750mm so I could actually get the front wheel off the ground and almost immediately they felt more comfortable than the other 35mm carbon bar they replaced. It was hard to pint point whether or not this was due to the up and back sweep, the layup or a combination of both, but I really didn’t care.

Despite no noticeable reduction in the ability to tell the bike where to go, the Loam carbon bar made the cockpit part of the riding experience a much happier place to be. These bars will likely become my defacto go-to bar from now on, they really are that good.

What do we think?

If you find 35mm carbon fibre bars too stiff, fling them in the bin and buy a set of PNW Components’ Loam Carbon bars.

We love:

  • Plenty stiff
  • Plenty comfy
  • Low weight
  • Sensible money

Could do better:

  • Unknown at this time

You can check out the PNW Components Loam Carbon handlebar over on their website here.