The Best of 2024 Core Bike Show (So Far).

We’re down at Whittlebury Hall this week checking out all the new and shiny kit that’s on display here at the Core Bike Show.

As ever, with much of the kit on show having been out for some time, it was more of a good opportunity to meet people we don’t see anywhere else. However, there were some bits being launched at the show to catch the eye.

Hope Technology

With the launch of their new carbon fibre cranks, PF41 30mm BB and their new bronze colour options, it’s no surprise to see Hope coming out in force at the show.

Full details on the new Hope kit can be found here.

Kids Ride Shotgun

With the prevalence of ebike riders towing their non-assisted pals up hills, Kids Ride Shotgun now have a tow rope rated up to 225kg. Tow your mates or some very large children with ease.


Milkit has some ingenious tubeless valves that don’t deflate the tyre upon removal of the valve core, and the valve itself never contacts the sealant thanks to a lower plug that opens with the supplied syringe.

They’ve also a Swiss army knife-inspired multi tool that will stow under your bottle cage or slip into your pack.


They’re not hot off the press but seeing Mavic reprise the DeeMax wheels in all their yellow and black glory is always going to be a good thing. Available in downhill, enduro and ebike flavours for all your modern mountain cycles.


RRP have launched their second gen ProGuard with bolt-on adaptors for a whole host of forks. Better bottom out resistance comes from a change in profile, extra tacky rubber patches stop the guard from rotating and the slot in brackets offer increased compatibility with more forks.


The OnGuard Rock Solid is claimed as the lightest angle grinder resistant lock on the market. All we know for sure is that it certainly is light.


Want to attach an air tag to your bike but don’t want to make it obvious? Topeak might have you covered with a few neat options.

On top of their air tag solutions, they have a rather neat light up torque wrench with LED indicators to show torque between 1 and 10Nm. Comes in a handy tool roll with all the relevant end bits.


Did animal print ever go out of fashion? Either way, SDG have brought it back with the tiger and cow print options.

Chamois Butt’R

More a balm than a cream, beeswax based, the new Chamois Butt’R Ultra is aimed at those longer rides into double digits whilst dealing with the sky juice better.


Soft launched at the show is the new Norco Fluid VLT, a half fat ebike with a Bosch SX motor, sporting 150mm front and 140mm rear travel, MX wheels too. Keep your eyes peeled on more on this very soon.

Thanks to Core Bike for having us and putting us up. We’ll see you again next year.