We Chat to Jess Stone About Supporting Future Talent with ‘The Jess Factor’.

2021 British Enduro Series and National Champ Jess Stone is looking to support four young female riders with actual cash money.

Pete sits down for a chat with Jess Stone to find out more about why she’s giving away money to four young female riders.

Check out the reel below to find out all the details of #TheJessFactor.

What is The Jess Factor?

The Jess Factor really is just a name for this giveaway to be honest. I loved the X Factor and it just seemed fitting for this giveaway.

Why now?

Recently I started a full time job working for InvisiFRAME and it means I’m not as desperately dependent on money I receive from my partners. I still need it don’t get me wrong, but I’ve wanted to give back for a while now but I’ve never been in a position to do so. So I’m hugely grateful for my new employers for the job and my other partners for continuing supporting me.

What made you want to support more than one rider?

I already help one young rider (Katy Kaos) and I feel like if I am able to help more that’s fab. Imagine if all those 4 girls I’m about to help out were able to pass on a little bit to someone else in the future.. it’s not about helping the 4 girls, but maybe it has a domino effect in the future, even if in a small way. I have been helped so much by my friends in the MTB community and here’s me passing it forward. That’s pretty powerful I think.

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Did you consider supporting riders with product rather than cash?

Yeah for sure, but some riders might have sponsors already and the cash gives them freedom to choose what will help them the most. For me when I was starting out in the sport, I was always struggling to pay for my travel expenses to races. I’m just giving the riders a choice and there’s plenty of pro athletes out there giving away products the riders can get involved with. There’s not many semi-pro athletes giving their money away.

Photo by Pete Scullion.

Do you have any plans for your chosen riders after they’ve received the money?

Not yet. I am literally just giving the money away. I do however, have an idea in the pipeline I can’t talk about yet that no one else is doing and the riders who win will get first choice if they want to opt in. However, as I say, there’s nothing more to get from the giveaway for me, other than just wanting to genuinely help.

How does this project fit into your own racing plans?

For sure ! It’s easy at the moment, I’m just giving money away haha. But the project i have in mind will take up more time. At the moment I have to focus on myself and my racing as I have literally no time now with a job but I will do the best I can to get it off the ground.

How integral are Mudhugger into this idea?

Without Mudhugger, this wouldn’t be possible. They have supported me for 10 years and essentially it’s both of our money that I’m giving away. When we agreed our budget, I then told them what I was going to do with the money, they did look a little surprised, but then got excited with the idea. They are big supporters of the women’s riding scene and have always done what they can to help womens’ MTBing so naturally they wanted to support me in my decision.

What’s next for The Jess Factor?

Wait and see…

You can keep tabs on Jess’ adventures over on her Instagram page here.