Christmas goodies part 1… SKS

Winter is a bugger for you and your bike and whatever riding you do we at Wideopen try and cover the products that make this time of year just that little bit easier…

First up we’ve got some pretty pimp mud protection from German brand SKS. Now mud guards aren’t exactly the coolest products to grace these pages and they’re not everyones cup of tea but if you’re sick of a face full of crud and an arse that looks like you’ve been wrestling with pigs then take a look at these…


First impressions are good quality products that should last a few winters – and quite nifty they’re easily removable for when the dry weather rolls around again. Pricey, but worth it? Check out in Issue 12 next year for a Longterm result. In the meantime you can read the technical info on the SKS website.

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Grand DAD = RRP £24.99


Grand MOM = RRP £18.99

You should be able to get them from your local bike shop as they’re distributed through Madison, Chicken and Raleigh.