Christmas goodies part 2… Juicelubes

Winter is a bugger for you and your bike and whatever riding you do we at Wideopen try and cover the products that make this time of year just that little bit easier…

The second parcel to arrive at the office this week was a little smaller than the one from SKS (see Christmas Goodies Part 1)… but size isn’t everything and it was very exciting to see two bottles of the new chain lubes from our friends at Juicelubes.

Now strictly speaking one of these isn’t really suitable for this time of year! Juicelubes have produced two chain lubes, one for summer and one for winter (roughly speaking) and that’s probably a good enough description for most of you!

juicelubeChain Juice is the wet weather lube and is quite a thick green lube which after being applied to a clean(ish) de-greased chain should last a few wet weather rides without the need for re-application. It also promises to not go that lovely gunky black that a regular lubricant can in wet weather conditions.

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Ceramic juice is a dry lube. Again after cleaning and degreasing your chain (Juicelubes recommend their ‘Super Gnarl’ reviewed in Wideopen Issue 10) you apply liberally and leave to ‘soak in’ before wiping off excess with a rag.

We’ll be giving both a thorough testing over the winter and into next year. Expect to see a Longterm report in Issue 11 and 12 to cover some dry weather (with luck!)

Check out the Juicelubes website for more information. We’ll let you know when and where it’s available for you to buy.