Alpine Bikes Winter Series Round 1

On, off, on, off…..

The first round of the Alpine Bikes Winter Series at Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders was supposed to take place this weekend however the race had to be called off due to safety concerns.

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With snow still lying on the top fire road and temperatures not getting much above freezing all weekend it’s not too supprising really but this didn’t stop Mike and his team at Borderline Events trying their hardest to get the race running.

Things were already looking bad after just a couple of hours on Saturday morning. As practice went on the track turned into a completely slick ice sheet in a lot of places meaning not one rider was getting down without having an off or lie down at some point. By 10am the decision was made to move the start down to the fire road as the top of the hill had become a bobsleigh run. Come lunchtime the race had been called off and the rest of the day was spent uplifting the other tracks on the hill. Then at the end of the day it was hoped that enough could be done to make the course raceable for Sunday and it was on again.

This morning I was the second man down the hill and there wasn’t a patch of ice to be found but again as more riders came down the track turned back into a death trap. After less than 2 hours the race was called off again.

A massive thanks has to go to the guys who stayed late last night and got up before dawn this morning to clear the track of ice. It’s a real shame the race was cancelled but there’s still another two races to come yet. Lets just hope the weather picks up for round two in 3 weeks time.

So with racing off the agenda, me and the Cumbrian contingent spent the afternoon on the uplift ripping down some of the much less icey tracks Inners had to offer, while others did the same, rode the ice shoot or just went home.

The Alpine felt amazing on the hardpack trails this weekend and thanks to Continental UK helping the team out this year I had a fresh pair of Rain Kings keeping me stuck to the trails. So despite the lack of racing it felt good to be riding DH again and I had an amazing weekend none the less!

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