Cotic BFe has arrived (don’t get excited – it’s just the pre-prod)

It really is a lovely looking bike. This is the same build as those cheeky shots we got at Cycle 2009 last year, and the sleek oval top tube really does look amazing. The mahoooosive forks (160mm travel, 35mm tubes) are perhaps a touch overkill for the average UK trails but Cy assures me they’re a hell of a lot of fun.

You can pre-order one (the production frames are due in mid March) at Cotic’s site here…

£370 gets you a 5.4lbs hardcore hardtail with lovely finish, quality tubing, British design and great pedigree. The BFe was a burly development of the classic Soul. The production frames will feature slimmed down regular tubing on the rear seat stays to add a little more give to the rear end – it’s shaping up to be a real beauty.

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Check them out at Cotic – and read all about her in Issue 12, due out in early March.